Best-In-Class Risk-Based Automated Debt Compliance Solution

DCS Debt Manager℠

Converts Debt agreements into easy-to-navigate webpages, linking defined terms and section references, and creates a checklist for monthly, quarterly, and annually reporting.

DCS Compliance Manager℠

Hosts web questionnaires based on the covenant checklist and are assigned to key finance and business stakeholders, HQ and Finance and other select business units.

DCS Calendar Manager℠

Allows the scheduling of and calendar management of all regular deliverables and payments for the actual business day each debt’s maturity is due.

Educational Resources

Top 5 Steps to Avoid a Default

The S&P expects the U.S. corporate trailing-12-month speculative-grade default rate to rise to 5.1 percent by September 2017. What can an organization do to keep its debt compliance in order to avoid default? Immediately, there are several steps a firm can take to mitigate its default risk. While these tactics are fairly easy in concept, they’re rather tedious and difficult to execute. Here are five things that absolutely have to be done to avoid default…

Differences Between In-House vs. Saas

While volatility in emerging market financial sectors continues, it’s paramount organizations have a reliable process in place to confirm and document debt compliance.  While many organizations lean on in-house solutions, such as checklists, it creates an unreliable process because the checklist is often incomplete – focusing only on a few affirmative and negative covenants sections of the agreements. In addition, in-house processes often ignore “minor” covenants because it’s assumed…

Here is what our customers have to say…

“We are impressed with the sophistication of their debt compliance services and the professionalism and responsiveness of their ongoing support. DCS’ unique global web questionnaire system has enabled our key business stakeholders to better understand our ongoing obligations and resulted in an efficient way to manage the substantial information flow generated by our large and complex business.”

—Gudjon Gustafsson, Group Treasurer, Actavis Group

“Debt Compliance Services’ tools reduce my risk, save me and my team time and effort, and have made our compliance reporting easy. Gone are the days when we would have to pull out our old, worn loan documents to review all of the various covenants and restrictions before making critical strategic business decisions. With DCS, reviewing our agreements is literally done with a few clicks of the mouse.”

—Christine Sacco, Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer & Treasurer, Prestige Brands.

“We chose Debt Compliance Services because of their ability to integrate the compliance of multiple agreements. We are pleased with service they have provided and how their service capabilities have expanded over the last two years at no cost to us. We have also found that the hyperlinked credit agreements allow us to quickly and accurately respond to questions that arise internally. We highly recommend their services.”

—Luis Carlos Arias Laso, Chief Financial Officer, Grupo Cementos de Chihuahua

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