An Effective, Efficient & Automated Debt Compliance Solution

A Comprehensive Covenant Checklist

You will have a comprehensive, multi-agreement covenant checklist with non-legalese, easy-to-answer questions. By risk, questions are asked quarterly, annually or kept in reserve.

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DCS Questionnaire Manager℠

You will have a concise web questionnaire process for your key SMEs. Each question links to its covenant text for Compliance to evaluate the responses.

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DCS Document

You will have efficient and accurate researching of covenant issues with our multi-agreement contextual search engine on hyperlinked debt agreement webpages.

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DCS Calendar Manager℠

You will have a workflow process with task assignments and email reminders to ensure the timely delivery of all deliverables and payments by the task’s required business day.

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Understand Your Default Risk

Credit deterioration is pervasive and default risk is significant. See S&P’s latest analysis of how ratings change and companies default over 5 years.

Know What Really Happens in a Default

A default is never trivial — and you can’t talk your way out of it. You do not want to learn the hard way how the consequences and the collateral damages cascade.

Evaluate Your Debt Compliance

Is your compliance adequate to manage your default risk and its consequences? Test your compliance on the eight components of our diagnostic matrix.

Here is what our customers have to say…

“We are impressed with the sophistication of their debt compliance services and the professionalism and responsiveness of their ongoing support. DCS’ unique global web questionnaire system has enabled our key business stakeholders to better understand our ongoing obligations and resulted in an efficient way to manage the substantial information flow generated by our large and complex business.”

Gudjon Gustafsson, Group Treasurer, Actavis Group2

“Debt Compliance Services’ tools reduce my risk, save me and my team time and effort, and have made our compliance reporting easy. Gone are the days when we would have to pull out our old, worn loan documents to review all of the various covenants and restrictions before making critical strategic business decisions. With DCS, reviewing our agreements is literally done with a few clicks of the mouse.”

Christine Sacco, Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer & Treasurer, Prestige Brands

“We chose Debt Compliance Services because of their ability to integrate the compliance of multiple agreements. We are pleased with service they have provided and how their service capabilities have expanded over the last two years at no cost to us. We have also found that the hyperlinked credit agreements allow us to quickly and accurately respond to questions that arise internally. We highly recommend their services.”

Luis Carlos Arias Laso, Chief Financial Officer, Grupo Cementos de Chihuahua