DCS Debt Manager℠

DCS Debt Manager℠ turns Debt agreements into easy-to-navigate webpages linking defined terms and section references, and creates a checklist for monthly, quarterly and annually reporting. Each checklist has embedded links, references, and includes multi-agreement contextual searching. The capability to comment and share hard-earned covenant understandings with stakeholders not only keeps all stakeholders on the same page, it reduces training time. Finally, DCS Debt Manager℠ conforms amendments easily and quickly and links key dates to a static annual calendar and permitted baskets analysis.

Co-founder and International Treasury expert Jeff Wallace discusses the business advantages of the Debt Compliance System.

Co-founder and former CFO, Jim Simpson, explains the benefits of the DCS Debt Manager℠.

DCS Debt Manager℠ Features

  • Debt agreements become easy-to-navigate webpages linking defined terms and section references
  • Embedded, linked covenant checklist
  • Multi-agreement contextual searching
  • Comments capability shares hard-earned covenant understandings, reducing training time
  • Amendments conformed easily and quickly
  • Linked static annual calendar and permitted baskets analysis
DCS Debt Manager℠ In-House Approaches
A single platform for the management of all agreements, which are converted to web pages with linked defined terms and section references Researching multiple agreements is time-consuming and frustrating as one tries to be comprehensively accurate using soft copies to search and hard copies to understand the defined terms and section references of the searched text
All interpretive comments are noted on the website and therefore, knowledge is shared and retained for future reference Interpretive comments are noted in the margins of each individual’s paper agreements and thus not shared
All agreements can be researched at the same time with our contextual search engine, allowing quick identification of the most relevant text by agreement Researching paper documents and PDF copies is incomplete and prone to missing key items
Interpretations, findings and related files can be posted to the web pages and permanently shared with all users, which also allows new users to come up to speed much more quickly As positions turn over, all knowledge of the replaced individual leaves with him
Agreements can be quickly conformed Agreements with amendments are not usually conformed on a timely basis