Debt Compliance Services Overview

A primary treasury objective is to maintain and maximize access to the capital and debt markets at the lowest cost – which means consents before the fact rather than waivers after the fact. And since “stuff happens,” treasury needs to pro-actively talk to the lenders about current problems, issues, or potential events that might affect access to those markets.

In an effort to mitigate risk, Debt Compliance Services has a suite of three web-based services: DCS Document Manager℠, DCS Questionnaire Manager℠, DCS Calendar Manager℠ that creates a simple, cloud-based process for creating a checklist, implementing questionnaires, evaluating covenant issues, and scheduling payments and document deliverables.

The Human Risks of Debt Compliance

​Treasury must rely on other areas to determine compliance​ and educate these other areas about their responsibilities to avoid actions or decisions that could default the company​, Often do not know even who to ask about many non financial covenants, much less have accurate knowledge about their compliance ​ This short video will cover:

  • ​What Are Your Core Responsibilities?​
  • What are the Human Challenges?​
  • What Do You Need to Control? ​
  • A best-in-class way to do debt compliance​

Treasury’s Debt Compliance Responsibilities

Learn our best practices to:

  • Minimize the company’s default risk  ​
  • Maintain and enhance access to Capital Markets at lowest after-tax cost by maintaining and improving lender confidence with proactive communication​
  • Satisfy the quarterly Officer’s Certificate requirements​
  • Justify the classification of the debt as long-term​
  • Avoid stock market losses due to a default announcement​