Register for: A Middle Way for Effective & Efficient Debt Compliance

DATE: Wed, Mar 25, 2020 2:30 PM – 3:20 PM EDT

For many, if there is any documented review of the non-financial covenants, debt compliance is spreadsheet hell. Or at the other extreme, there’s a cursory or no review of these covenants at all. But, any default puts careers at risk. Both your lenders and auditors will require a full review of your covenants and possibly show your current process as indefensibly inadequate. At this webinar, we will show you an effective, efficient middle way do to debt compliance with:

• A corporate debt compliance policy with objectives and means. You need to have formal approval for your process that clarifies everyone’s responsibilities for what must be a non-treasury corporate endeavor.

• How to develop a covenant checklist by using eight logical lender objectives to categorize your covenants. This is a much better way to understand covenants rather than trying to wrap your mind around a long list of affirmative and negative covenants.

• How to evaluate covenant risk using cure periods and covenant types to determine which covenants should be managed quarterly, annually, or not at all.

• How to write effective yes or no questions with no legalese about the covenants’ often complex pre-conditions, exceptions and post-conditions.