Company Overview

Debt Compliance Services

A primary treasury objective is to maintain and maximize access to the capital and debt markets at the lowest cost – which means consents before the fact rather than waivers after the fact. And since “stuff happens,” treasury needs to pro-actively talk to the lenders about current problems, issues, or potential events that might affect access to those markets.

How it Works

In an effort to mitigate risk, Debt Compliance Services has a suite of three web-based services: DCS Document Manager℠, DCS Questionnaire Manager℠, DCS Calendar Manager℠ that creates a simple, cloud-based process for creating a checklist, implementing questionnaires, evaluating covenant issues, and scheduling payments and document deliverables.

  • DCS Document Manager℠ converts Debt agreements into easy-to-navigate webpages, linking defined terms and section references, and creates a checklist for monthly, quarterly, and annually reporting.
  • DCS Questionnaire Manager℠ hosts web questionnaires based on the covenant checklist and are assigned to key finance and business stakeholders at HQ Finance, other HQ departments, and business units
  • DCS Calendar Manager℠ allows all regular deliverables and payments to be scheduled to the actual business day each debt’s maturity is due.
    Through more than 40-years of experience in the financial and treasury c-suites, the Debt Compliance Services founders have devised a system that reduces the probability of an unexpected default by 90%. Why? Because technical default is controllable with thorough knowledge of all covenant requirements and the implementation of a comprehensive process.