The Difference Between In-House vs. SaaS

Did you know many CFOs sign the quarterly certificate without a process that confirms and documents the compliance with all of the agreements’ covenants? Add to that, most companies have difficulties accurately understanding and interpreting their agreements in the first place.


Top 5 Steps to Avoid a Default

Global corporate defaults reached 104 in 2016 - the fastest pace of defaults since the financial crisis in 2009. CNBC says that S&P expects the U.S. corporate trailing-12-month speculative-grade default rate to rise to 5.1 percent by September 2017.


Automating Your Debt Compliance Process

Debt compliance risk may be the most overlooked enterprise liability a company faces. It’s rarely mentioned in any enterprise risk list, yet, a covenant violation can shut down a company, destroy its reputation, and crater its market cap.